I am a graduate with a 4 year accredited Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from Union College. I have current BLS and ACLS certificates. I had considered becoming a travel nurse for a while so I presently hold Montana, Wyoming, California, Colorado, and South Dakota State RN licenses.

I enjoy doing a lot of volunteer community service. I am too healthy and ambitious to stay retired. I had retired in December 2009 to be a missionary nurse for several months in Peru. Upon returning Stateside, I realized that my great love of nursing has been one of my main focuses in life. Therefore, I decided I had to get back into the nursing practice again. The Telemetry field is where I have the most experience. Billings Clinic Hospital, where I have worked at for the last 29 years, has given many classes and testing skills courses for stroke patients and medical-surgical patient care. I have over 72 hours credit in education over the last two years. I love to continual involve myself in nursing education and instruction.

If you call me, you will immediately realize my great life long passion and love of nursing as well as my advocacy in promoting the health benefits of hospital patient care.

I look forward to talking to you at your earliest convenience.

 Viola Schillo, RN

213 Ave E, Billings, MT 59101

Home: 406-259-3498

Fax: 877-856-5819


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